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i was told my phone was compatible so i got the 55 dollar plan,everything was good til the next day then my phone will not get picture's or any data at all,so i went back and got the run around and i quote....come back and get a contract and i will see about a refund.i did not want a contract,i wanted a 20 dollar refund cause now he said my phone must not be compatible so why did i pay for the 55 dollar plan when the 35 dollar plan would of worked, now my husbands phone just shuts off when ever it wants so that's 40 dollars i just threw out the window! WHAT A RIP OFF COMPANY!*** me off that's 200.00 for 2 phone start up plus the 40 dollars that i cant use for data all for 1 month of service!

what the what! DO NOT GET PAGE PLUS!

Review about: Page Plus Cellular Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Your experience has nothing to do with page plus... Just a shady dealer that was obviously trying to switch you to another company (page plus doesn't have contracts.) find yourself a decent cell phone store that knows how to program the APN and mms settings on that phone and use data an mms on your phone with no problems.

Problem is the guy who activated your phone is clueless... But page plus is a good company

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