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I've been trying to straighten out this mess for 6 days, probably have about 13 hours in. FINALLY, last night the 7th customer service rep/supervisor I've contacted acknowledged that the problem "may" be with their credit card processing company - for which they have no name or contact info :( My daughter's plan expires tomorrow and she's in college in another state, talk about frustrating!!!!!!!!! The biggest problem is that the majority of their reps act as if it's my problem that I can't pay for their services - so maybe another company might be interested in my account with 4 smart phones...

Monetary Loss: $55.

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Oak Ridge, Tennessee, United States #903771

Jeez, I went through 4 different credit cards from 3 different banks and all rejected!!!

Waited 3 days and still get the same errors. If they don't want my payments then I will

just go somewhere else!!

Albany, New York, United States #844051

Hmmmm, I'd ask Stew.... In all seriousness, though, I left PP.

Good deal, not great, but you see what happens when you need customer service.

I'm now paying $160 for 4 iPhone 5's with 10GB shared data at AT&T. And their customer service beats the pants off of PP.

Bakersfield, California, United States #844039

Same problem my bank receives and OK's the payment and PP rejects it???? I have to call on phone and do credit card with person. They won't fix their website's or there third party credit card problem.

to 180pilot #1544494

I am having the same issue, chase and Amex multiple cards aRE ALL GETTING THE SAME EEROR. They are soooo annoying they wont help but I need to wait on the phone for hours with no resolution..


WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?!? There were pleanty of charges to my card before, during and after their rejected payment(s).

No problems at Chase, at least according to the three different reps with whom I spoke. At the time I posted this it was the first few days PP's new website went live, but if it's still happening I think that was just an excuse.

Thanks though, Stew, for your advice. Do you happen to work for PP?

New York, New York, United States #768277

Its your problem when the credit card company rejects the payment. They can not approve a payment the CC company rejects. Next time call your CC company and fix the issues.

to Stew #772667

Stew, Chase and Citi both confirmed page plus is rejecting payment, you are a ***.

to Stew #1376877

McGiggles - I had the same issue as you - very frustrating. I agree with your assessment of Stew.

I'm trying to sort this out with PagePlus.

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