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I am so disappointed with Page Plus. I have had issues with them since I created the acct (1.5mos) ago. I ported my number to Page Plus and it worked for 2 days. Suddenly, it stopped working, I called back and they had to reset my number. It was working for a couple of...
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Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide the $80 refund as requested by the consumer. Page Plus Cellular does not sell the $80 Page Plus replenishment PIN; the consumer p...


I would take them to small claims court,were it me.

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Page plus is an incompetent and crooked little company. When I first signed up my phone stopped working after 2 days. They said they made a mistake and restarted my plan which was a 4 month plan. Then my phone stopped working after one month. They said they must have...
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