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When I got their phone there was no back, they wanted me to pay the postage to send it back so I kept it as the postage cost almost as much as the phone. This was a back up phone in case I lost my phone or was in an area where my Sprint based phone would not work and the price was only $10 for a so called smart phone.

I first used a pay as you go plan of 100 minutes for 3 months, I could not get my android gmail etc to transfer over, I turned of the phone to cancel the data (and most of the time I was on wifi) but after making 3 short calls and having less than 7 texts they said I used up 100 minutes, they said the phone must have been continuing using data even turned off. Since I did not have a regular phone which I was waiting for, I had to continue using this phone so I signed up for a monthly plan of 250 minutes and same texts, I probably made 120 minutes on calls and could not even get texts or take pictures on the camera or access any data on this piece of *** phone, but I could not cancel, because it was the only phone that I had.

At the end of the month I called them to try to work something out, they refuse to refund or give me credit. The rates sound very attractive, they are low because their crappy phones give you poor service and they make money because you can make very few calls, send texts and unable to access data.

Review about: Page Plus Cellular Mobile Phone Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $22.

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